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Scott Chemicals is a leading supplier of quality raw materials sourced from leading global manufacturers, to meet the needs of coatings and ink customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Scott Chemicals understand the chemical needs of the construction industry well. Our team understand the industry and have a deep commitment to meeting expectations with regards to supply, delivery and storage.
Scott Chemicals is proud to meet the exacting needs of the masterbatchers and compounders with a comprehensive range of raw materials for plastics, wire and cable manufacture; meeting delivery and supply performance from locally available stocks.
Scott Chemicals is proud to service the needs of customers covering the range of rubber products manufacturing from retreading to belting, moulded parts and general rubber goods.
We are partnered with one of the largest refrigerant distributors in South East Asia, giving us access to refrigerant gas sourced from the leading global producers.
Many years supporting the galvanising industry means we thoroughly understand this complex and unique industry. This experience gives us the strength to offer detailed technical support throughout the supply process.
We have a long history of supplying chemical products to the roading industry. Our strong connections with the major roading companies in both Australia and New Zealand means we understand the current trends and new developments.
Agriculture is an important part of the economies of both Australia and New Zealand. Scott Chemicals supports leading manufacturers in this important industry with input chemicals in a wide range of segments such as timber treatment and pest management.
Food Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Scott Chemicals has partnered with a number of key suppliers to offer a diverse range of products for the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.
Oleochemicals Scott Chemicals, in partnership with Asia’s largest oleochemical manufacturer, is a leading supplier of quality vegetable based oleochemicals. The comprehensive product portfolio includes fatty acids, glycerine and fatty acid derivatives
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Scott Chemicals will partner with Alberdingk Boley in Australia and New Zealand.

Alberdingk Boley is a leading international manufacturer of water-based binders. Their environmentally friendly polyurethane and acrylate dispersions provide coatings and adhesives with high performance characteristics - on all surfaces. They are also Europe's only producer of castor oil and linseed oil for varnish as well as for their derivatives.  

Alberdingk Boley's environmentally friendly High Chem Systems refine coatings, paints, varnishes, adhesives, textiles, leather, construction materials as well as other chemical and pharmaceutical products. Their outstanding know-how in the polymerization of solvent-free acrylate and polyurethane dispersions makes them a leading partner of industry throughout the world.

Their product portfolio includes:

  • Water-based polymer dispersions
  • Water-based polyurethane dispersions
  • Water-based acrylate dispersions
  • Solvent-free polyurethane dispersions
  • Solvent-free polyurethane / acrylate hybrid dispersions
  • Water-based polyurethane and acrylate dispersions
  • Water-based UV curable dispersions
  • VOC-free 100% Albodur® two-pack PU-polyols
  • Water-based hydroxyl functional dispersions
  • Linseed oil and linseed oil for varnish
  • Castor oil and derivatives

Alberdingk Boley can look back over a more than 180-year tradition - with strong roots as an oil mill operator and a dynamically growing business for water-based dispersions. They offer customers the flexibility and continuity of a family business, combined with global orientation: Their research and production facilities in Germany, USA and China as well as our numerous distribution partners give us a worldwide presence.

Visit the Alberdingk Boley website

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  • Scott Chemicals
    Australia Pty Ltd
  • Suite 21, 296 Bay Road,
  • Cheltenham Victoria 3192
  • Melbourne
  • Australia
  • Phone: + 61 1300 134 624
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  • Scott Chemicals International
  • Building 1, Unit G
  • 3 Ceres Court
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    Qingdao Ltd
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  • Phone: + 63 2 942 7290
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    EVA Building
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  • Vietnam

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